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Pat Styles

Deputy Chairman:
Colin Robinson

Area Treasurer:
Andrew Jenkinson

Sheila Bamforth

Heritage Volunteers:
Pat Faris.

Church Recorders:
Joyce Wallis.

Young Arts:
Patricia Collins.

Jane Morgan


Church Trails:
Gill Gowing



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One of the duties that the Area Committee performs is the provision of educational activities across the Area. The Area Coordinator for Education (ACE) is a member of the Committee whose function is to provide and organise these activities. This can take a number of forms but at present organised they consist principally of:

1. Days of Special Interest (DSI).These are usually a series of lectures (3 or so in number) held at a reasonably accessible venue. The size is generally 50 or so attenders most of whom will be NADFAS members but others are also welcome, especially as a DSI is often a good introduction to the work that NADFAS does. Rather than simply replicate the work done by societies in organising DSI, care is taken to try to find topics that are broadly based and/or form a good introduction to an unfamiliar area of study.

2. Visits. We try to choose unusual places either in the area or in London where members may well not have been and may not always be easily accessible by the public. Recent venues have included the Royal Courts of Justice in London and Gorhambury near St Albans which is open for a limited period and has a fine picture collection.

Membership across the Area exceeds 5,000 so it is impractical to circulate everyone with particulars of an event. We encourage Societies to invite their members to supply postal addresses or email addresses to the ACE who will then be able to send out “fliers” to anyone who is interested. It is hoped also to be possible in due course to advertise events on this part of the website.

The ACE is

Jane Morgan

If you would like to send particulars of your email address to the ACE, please add a signed note stating that you give permission for the address to be used for NADFAS purposes.

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Training sessions are held at NADFAS House in London twice a year for members of committees of societies in Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire. These fall into two different categories –

l A Society Information Day, and

l Planning a Programme Day.

These events are suitable for all members of committees and interested members who may be prospective society committee members and wish to know more about NADFAS and how it works. Both presentations put forward a wider NADFAS picture, explain the roles of a local committee and how they interrelate. General administration in the running of a society and subjects such as publicity, partnerships, the new IT system (Online Directory) and planning of programmes are all covered.

It is an excellent opportunity for members to share local experiences and concerns with other societies in the area and discussion forums are held during the day in small groups to tackle certain issues. Members of various departments at NADFAS House, such as Education, Membership and Marketing join the meetings to explain their roles and answer any queries.

One of the NADFAS training mantras, is Fun, Friendship and Finding out! And our aim is to make the day enjoyable as well as informative – but not too onerous. The training day starts at 10.30 am and finishes no later than 3.45 pm making is quite possible for members to travel by train to London.

Training can also be given locally if required and could be arranged for a small group unable to travel to London.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more and for information about future training dates:

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Our Area chairman, Mike Gadsden, prize winners and Patricia Collins, Area Young Arts representative.


Area projects

NADFAS anticipates that each society will support projects for children or young people. Also partnerships with other organisations are encouraged.

During 2014 at Hertfordshire University the ‘best in show’ prize was awarded to Cathy for the dress she made from material she had designed and printed. Rosie received the ‘most improved’ prize for her original jewellery.

Next year the Area will be providing sponsorship to the Art Therapy Department at the University.

Other partnerships were achieved by the Hertsmere and Welwyn Garden City Societies. Both societies funded arts projects for young children who were participating in the library ‘reading challenge’.

Ashridge, Gade Valley and Tring Park, worked together with the Dacorum Art Partnership, to organise art competitions and exhibitions for senior school pupils.

Pupil’s work, selected by the Tring Park and Moor Park societies was exhibited in the Mall Gallery.

Of the 18 societies in the area, 14 organised and sponsored activities for children and young people. These include:- artists in residence in schools; bursaries for A level students; donations for art ·materials; projects for visually impaired children; awards for musical groups and for local art shows and the construction of a sensory fountain in a school for special needs children.

·It is encouraging to hear about this exciting range of projects. A meeting was held in the spring attended by many of the chairmen and young arts representatives in the area. They reported that it was helpful to exchange ideas and look forward to another meeting in 2015.

Please contact me for further information

Patricia Collins, 01582 761 082  collinspo@btinternet.com

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This is one of several Pre-Raphaelite stained glass windows, for which Waterford church is famed, by William Morris in St Michael and All Angels Church in Waterford, near Hertford. The church was recorded in 2010 and was the 100th record to be completed in Beds & Herts since recording began in 1974. It depicts St Cecilia with an angel and is by Karl Parsons in 1929.


Church recorders are volunteers who make detailed inventories of church furnishings. Everything from the organ to the candlesticks on the altar is described accurately and in great detail, using the correct terminology. Photographs are taken and drawings made and research is done into the history and provenance of the objects. The end result is a book for presentation to the church with copies made for national archives such as the Art Library at the V&A and the National Monuments Record Centre at Swindon.

Church records are being compiled all over the country by groups of people belonging to a NADFAS Society. They have proved invaluable in cases of vandalism or theft, and for insurance purposes. But they are also a record for future generations of the history of a church and its parish and a fruitful source of research for genealogists and social or art historians.

In Beds & Herts there are six church recorder groups, most with members drawn from one Society but one with members drawn from three Societies. The Societies involved with church recording are:

E Herts

Gade Valley


Bushey Heath

Moor Park


N Herts

Welwyn Garden

Church recorders naturally do most of their work in the local church which they are recording. Seven churches are being recorded in this way at present while a further six are in the process of having the record compiled and produced.

In 2011 we celebrated the completion of the 100th church record to be produced in the area since recording started in 1974. A list of all churches recorded in the country can be found on the NADFAS website together with more information about church recording.

For more information please contact Joyce Wallis at jmcwallis@waitrose.com or telephone 01707 850803.

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There is a wide range of activities undertaken by our hard working and enthusiastic volunteers. These include:

Guiding and Stewarding at

Berkhamstead Castle

Chenies Manor


Henry Moore Foundation

Moor Park Mansion

Ware Museum

Welcoming at St Albans Abbey

Other activities include :-

Volunteering at Bushey Museum, Higgins Museum, Letchworth Garden City Museum, Military Intelligence Museum and Three Rivers Museum

-Cataloguing and sorting photographs at The Royal Institute of British Architects

St Andrews Church, Bedford - Textiles

Luton Hoo Walled Garden Project - Research, oral history and conservation

Gorhambury - Working in the library in the winter months

British Schools at Hitchin and British Dental Association – book conservation


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The Area organisation is seen as an important means of communication between Societies and as a link between Societies and NADFAS House.

Twice a year, in March and October, all Beds and Herts Area Chairmen are invited to a meeting that is attended also by all members of the Area committee. In addition, one or more guest speakers from NADFAS House including a Trustee are invited. Every Society in the Area is represented at the meeting and this is an indication of the importance attached to these gatherings.

The Chairman, Treasurer and other members of the Committee give reports to the meeting. Society Chairmen are, of course, given the opportunity to ask questions about the reports or to make comments.

The representatives from NADFAS House give presentations with news and developments since the previous meeting, and forecasting future changes that are being considered.

Each Chairman presents highlights and any significant news from their own Society or raises any matters of importance that need discussion.

The meeting finishes with lunch to give those attending the chance for informal discussions, and this is regarded as a key benefit of the day.

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National sites


Art Fund

British Library

British Museum

English Heritage

National Gallery

National Trust

Tate Online

Royal Academy

Somerset House

The Royal Collection

Victoria & Albert Museum

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